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Havok Season Three: Bingeworthy

Havok Season Three: Bingeworthy

Havok Publishing

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If you could choose from a thousand worlds to visit through one door, which would it be? The dystopian future where peanut butter is illegal? The alien invasion where beer saves the day? The dry flats of open plain where creatures hunt humans for their salty flesh? Enter the forest of fear with a mother seeking to save her infant son. Launch weaponized pineapples and fire grape gatlings during the foodpocalypse. Destroy the Earth with a single flower. Try to hide your cyborg superpowers during a blind date. Protect innocent lives by sacrificing the legacy of generations of librarians.

Forty-six Bingeworthy tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and comedy, this collection of bite-sized brilliance is designed to keep you turning pages long past your bedtime.


"This gave me a good laugh on a rough morning. I love the relationship dynamics. And that twist ending...!" ~ Rae Graham, about "The Art of Taming a Dragon"

"I cannot believe the emotions I’m feeling. The longing, the desire to recapture the adventure. This was a great story." ~ Kathryn D., about "A Far-Off Place"

"I finished reading this and shook my head, laughing… and then laughed some more." ~ Zachary A. Holbrook, about "Some Assembly Required"
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