I've been writing since I was 13 and was first published in 2015 in my college's literary magazine. Since then, I've have numerous short stories published in anthologies and online. Find below various works and where to find them.

The Beauty of Magic

The Beauty of Magic is my first self-published novella which is a fairy tale retelling with a Scottish vibe. My inspiration came when rereading the original fairy tale while working on a submission for the Five Poisoned Apples collection.

"Svana will have to survive her step-mother's deadly magic to save those she loves or become the next victim.

A retelling where Snow White meets Goldie Locks in this novella about the past, friendship, and that beauty is more than skin deep."

You can get signed copies in my shop, find it at your local bookstore, or find more places in my Books2Read link.

Havok Publishing

I've written 20+ stories for Havok, published both online and in their anthologies. And I've also volunteered in their editorial and marketing departments. Check out my stories on their website Here and find the anthologies in my store and on Amazon.

Untold Podcast

In 2019, I participated in a writing contest based off an image. The resulting story was "The Defeat of Raven's Swamp" which was produced as an audio drama which you can listen to Here.

Ganbatte! The Ties that Bind Us Anthology

A collection of animelit (stories inspired by anime) stories, featuring various genres and talents, came together to create a charity anthology to support anime creators. My story, "The Wondering Warrior: Field of Eternity" in this collection. It can be found on Amazon.

2019 Halloween Short Story Challenge Anthology 

Filled with Halloween and autumn stories of a range of genres, I wrote and contributed my flash fiction werewolf story "A Moonlit Rose". You can find the collection on Amazon.

Paws, Claws, and Magic Tales Anthology

A Fellowship of Fantasy anthology featuring cats in the fantasy genre. My story "The Witch's Cat" was included in this collection. You can find it on Amazon.

Space Kitties 2 Anthology

My first published short story, "Star Hopper Engineer", was included in this collection of cats in space. You can find this collection in my shop or on Amazon.