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Havok Season Six: Casting Call

Havok Season Six: Casting Call

Havok Publishing

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When we put out the call for stories with memorable characters, the results surprised even us! Within these pages you’ll find royalty under cover, magicians who aren’t what they appear (even when making others disappear), and sly skinwalkers on the hunt. Follow an investigator on a search through time for dangerous inventions and hear the confession of a universe creator.

A sweet little girl in search of a map will warm your heart, but you’ll certainly shiver when you look into the eyes of history’s creepiest jester. What kind of game is being hunted in Central Park? How will trespassing humans convince the Galactic Committee to let them go free? Oh, and who says a mechanical dog doesn’t have a heart?

Forty-four exceptional tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and humor by authors from all over the world. This lively cast of characters will surprise you, make you laugh, and rejuvenate your spirit.


“This story is so vivid! I love the rebel gang friendship vibes and the twist at the end!” ~ Jane M. on “Tomorrow“

“I always enjoy stories about a villainous sorceress-queen. Yours is so perfectly depicted!” 
~ PMFitzgerald on "The Moon Duchess"

“I love how this starts with a humorous, Harry Potter vibe, and ends in treason and intrigue. It’s so clever!” 
~ AMediting on “The Wandmaker’s Offer”

“Haunting in the most beautiful and amazing way.” 
~ Susan Lyttek on “Bridge Vigil”
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