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Havok Season Seven: Animal Kingdom

Havok Season Seven: Animal Kingdom

Havok Publishing

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This collection celebrates a myriad of fauna from our world and our imaginations. You’ll find predators and prey, swimmers and soarers, symbiotes and parasites, all here to make your heart pound with adrenaline or melt with love.

Can young Roland Chadwick save the chickens from demon coyotes? Will Muldoon distract Captain Abbot long enough for the great white whale to escape the harpoons? What would you do if a telepathic space cetacean interrupted your overtime at work? And is there anything you can offer the dragon at the heart of the volcano that will calm his wrath? All this and more await you between the pages!

Forty-eight touching tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and humor by authors from all over the world. Come experience the wonders of the animal kingdom like you’ve never seen them before.


"A beautiful story of sacrifice and love!" ~ Arlan Gerig on “Taming the Volcano”

"What do space whales eat? Space krill? Wildly imaginative, and easy to read.” ~ SC Steamer on “A Fluke at Work”

"What an excellent story! I love the voice, the style, and I’m VERY curious about the ghost dog...” ~ Abigail Falanga on “Danger Where It Walks”
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