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Havok Season Nine: World Tour

Havok Season Nine: World Tour

Havok Publishing

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You hold in your hands a first-class ticket for a tour across the planet. Fall in love with a ghost at the Kentucky Derby. Endure a layover in Seattle, Washington’s famous—and pungent—fish market… as an extraterrestrial. Enjoy a post-apocalyptic zombie road trip to Mount Rushmore. Suffer the most haunting of losses in Portage, Ohio. Share a midnight snack with Sasquatch. Chase a tomb raider through the pyramids with your constable partner, who happens to be a goat. Awaken Arthur from his Avalonian slumber and give him his first glimpse of twenty-sixth century Britain. Become a Celtic tribal goddess in a soul-stirring ceremony of rebirth. Exorcise a murderous spirit in Fukui, Japan. Boost tourism by building a Tasmanian Tiger zoo.

As you can see, there’s no mountain too high or valley too low for this far-reaching anthology populated with forty-two of the best stories from around the globe. Put in your time-off request now and pack light, because this is going to be an unforgettable ride.


“What a great testimony to all the less traveled but beautiful places on this earth. So well written I could feel like I was in the frozen tundra with the characters.” ~ Christina on “A Happy Mistake”

“Hilarious! I’m moving drop bears up in my top ten listof mythological creatures to avoid!” ~ Arlan Gerig on “Drop Bears Down Under”

“I love retellings and this one will stay with me for along time. Especially the vegan wolf!” ~ Felicia Change on “The Big Ad Wolf”
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