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Havok Season Four: Sensational

Havok Season Four: Sensational

Havok Publishing

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Our five senses shape our entire human understanding of life. But this is fiction, so you can listen to the world through the ears of a dragon. Smell the odor from outer space. Watch ripples form where another dimension touches ours.Could an exotic purple flower invade earth and transform the entire human race? What if you were cursed by a jilted aromancer to smell only coconut and vanilla for the rest of your life? Discover the mess King Midas left behind for his heir. Hear the siren call of the sea as the poisoned melody changes Ariella into one of 
them. Cheer for the invisible girl as she fights to be seen. Experience the mysterious sixth sense.

Forty-nine sensational tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and comedy by authors from all over the world. Somewhere hidden in these pages is an experience we hope you’ll never forget.

"What an absolutely breathtaking tale...filled to the brim with such rich culture and emotion—and I was soaking in every second of it! This one truly awakens the senses." ~ Christine Smith on “The Language of Sound”

"Oh my word, this made me laugh. I love Phantom [of the Opera], and I love a good funny ghost story.” ~ Kristiana Sfirlea on “Of Masks and Macarenas”

"This is amazing! The ability to taste emotions is absolutely brilliant!” ~ Ryan Ouellette on “A Taste of Grace”
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