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Havok Season Five: Prismatic

Havok Season Five: Prismatic

Havok Publishing

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Featuring everything from man-eating tigers to pet turtles to violet lightning, these Prismatic tales will take you to worlds both familiar and exotic. Sip high tea on the volcanic cliffs of Alpha Infernum, trigger boobytraps in a futuristic penthouse decorated in shades of blue, and help a little green man named Jamie after he crashes to earth.

Find a lost identity wrapped up in memories of a ceramic bluebird. Laugh as a fiesty orange squirrel helps a clueless wanna be hunter get back at the village bullies. Gasp when a scientist gets more than he bargained for after bringing home a very unique butterfly specimen. And please understand that hackers from the Europa Liberation Army definitely did not program household robots to attack at the sight of Martian Red.

Forty-nine vivid tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and humor by authors from all over the world. Somewhere on these pages is an experience we hope you’ll never forget.


“Intense and brilliant!” 
~ Abigail Falanga on “Green Limbo”

"The descriptions were very easy to visualize, almost as if someone telepathically put them in my mind.” 
~ JLester13 on “Chasing Blue”

“…the whole atmosphere was just delightfully eerie!” 
~ Wyn Estelle on “Magpie Boy”

“’Frogbogging bloddskittles’! Had me laughing all the way through. You would make Terry Pratchett jealous.” 
~ Arlan Gerig on “Mood Swings”

“Delightfully clever, and especially engaging for Frankenstein fans...” 
~ Fran Navakas on “Bad Help is Hard to Find”
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