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Havok Season Eight: Vice and Virtue

Havok Season Eight: Vice and Virtue

Havok Publishing

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Experience the courage it takes to face down the ogre who is literally eating his way through your town. Sneak out at night with a prince who risks royal backlash to help those in need. Shiver on a snowy doorstep until Christmas kindness warms a frigid and calculating heart. But the stories aren’t always that sweet.

Life is no cake walk–unless you’re literally a sentient baked good with a private investigator’s license. Selfishness leaves a sour taste in your mouth, laziness leads to a lost boss battle, and blind jealousy may make it difficult to restore the ex-boyfriend you turned into a mushroom. Even diligence can be overdone to the point of setting a berserker water monster loose on your friends. Still, as the Typo Alliance says, mistakes are proof of humanity.

Forty-eight unforgettable tales written for fans of science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thriller, and humor by new and established authors. After this roller coaster ride of the human experience we hope you walk away with fresh hope–or a new favorite author.


“This was incredible! Had me on the edge of my seat all through it. Great conclusion!” ~ Arlan Gerig on “Thirteen Minutes to Kill”

“Shrek vibes! This is such a fun story.” ~ Evaschon98 on “The Frontier’s No Place for a Soft Gingerbread Man”

“Love this sort of mashup between A Christmas Carol and The Screwtape Letters. Lovely and heartwarming!” ~ Isabella Roh on “A Christmas Equation”

“This dragon story was pure flash fiction magic! What a fun-loving grump of a main character. High marks.” ~ JJ Brinski on “Dragons Are Not Heroes”
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