New Years Plans

New Years Plans

So, yes, this post is very late in coming. Lets just say life has been going and I've been crashing in my free time. But, I have been making and working toward reading and writing goals this year and I hope you are as excited about them as I am.


First, I want to share a little about the previous year. 

Last year I finished 22 books in 2022. How appropriate that is. 22 in 2022. That's funny. Anyway, my favorite book from last year was The Windward King by KT Ivanrest. If you would like to see all I read in 2022, you can check out my Goodreads list here.

When it came to writing, three stories were with Havok and one in the Otaku charity anthology, Ganbatte! Ties that Bind. I wish I had written, and read, more but sometimes that is just how it goes. Life was very busy with personal stuff last year so sometimes things get shifted.

I also got a new dog last year. I adopted him in February from Secondhand Hounds, a local rescue. He was five months at that time and was pulled from a shelter in Missouri with his sister before coming to Minnesota. I honestly have no idea how a sweet, beautiful, and amazing personality dog ended up in a shelter at such a young age. He loves snow and water, has a wonderful personality, loves people and animals. He does get a little over excited though. Besides jumping on people because he likes them, he's a fantastic dog. According to the DNA test, he's a Shiba Inu, Great Pyrenees, and Rottweiler mix. I'm looking forward to many more years with him (and some obedience lessons).

2023 Goals...

So, what are my plans for 2023? I have several in fact. For reading, I would like to read Washington: A Life this year. I became interested in learning more about George Washington after watching Hamilton so I thought I would read the book. And its huge! I haven't been great in keeping it up but I'm still going to make an effort.

Along with Washington, I also have several other reading goals which I'll be checking off as I go, one of which is finishing a series which I've chosen to be the Wingfeather Saga. I've been enjoying the TV series being put out through Angel Studios and would like to read all the books before hand. Already finished book 2 and need to start book 3.

So far I've read seven books out of my thirty book goal.

For writing, my biggest goal is to have my current WIP, Woven Fate, published. I took a vacation in February to finish the first draft and came currently working on my second draft. It tells the story of a young man prophesized to become a villain and his quest to change his fate. If you want to follow the writing journey and read snippets as I go, add it to your To-Read shelf on Goodreads.

I also want to publish 3 stories a season with Havok. One has already come out, "Pharaoh's Path", and another is coming out April 1st, "The Samurai and the Tanuki".

I have a few other plans but I'm keeping those close to the vest for now. I'll let you know when things become more for-sure.

And lastly, I'm doing the Catechism in a Year podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. I loved Bible in a Year so I'm looking forward to learning more about my faith through this podcast. And so far, with this goal, I've actually been keeping up.

How About You?

How have your goals been going? What ones did you set? I'll keep you up to date as the year goes on and share when there is news. Glad you are along for this journey and looking forward to seeing what comes about.

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