Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Happy (Lunar) New Year!

Hey everyone.

Happy (Lunar) New Year!

I missed posting for the Liturgical New Year and actual New Year so I thought I would catch Lunar New Year. It feels apropos with it being the Year of the Dragon to do a New Year update on Lunar New Year.

So... do we have to go over last year? *grimace* I'm sure it is very clear I didn't accomplish the goals I had set out for. Really, I don't think I met one. But, it is important to look at what was accomplished. I had more dedicated writing time this year than I have in previous years. I read over twenty books. My current work in progress's second draft is so far along. I entered three different writer's contests, two of which I made it through at least the first round of, and published about three flash fiction stories. I am also under thirty days left to finishing the Catechism in a Year podcast.

So, suffice it to say, I made a large amount of progress that I hope to see finished this year. I also learned that maybe last year I had too many goals. I overwhelmed myself and under estimated what these different projects and goals would take. This year, I'm going lighter on the goals. Also, if you noticed, most of the items I listed above are all about writing. While I love writing, sometimes I think I don't do enough other items outside of that. So this year, while I have writing goals, I want it to look a little different.

Goals for 2024

So, plans for 2024:

Writing - Finish and publish Woven Fate (my current work in progress) in 2024. This project has needed more work than I anticipated last year so I'm not giving any definitive dates on this. Rushing would be worse than delaying.

Begin releasing Anaya the Seafarer through subscription platforms. If you've been following my socials, you've probably seen me talk about this late last year. An ongoing serial that'll first be released online (most likely Ream, Patreon, and Kindle Vella) and then collected in a novel/novella. Check out Facebook and Instagram to see last year's posts. Goal to begin releasing this is in the first half, if not the first quarter of this year.

And because I can't make goals without considering some short stories, I want to publish at least three flash fiction pieces with Havok. Because not every story gets selected for publication, I'll most likely write more than three.

Reading - My reading is similar to last year. Thirty books is the goal but for specific goals for types of books I'll be toning back from last year. I hit many of them but not all. Check out the graphic below to see what types of books I'd like to read this year.

Personal - Last year I was too goal orientated. While goals are important and putting in the work, it shouldn't lead to burnout or not allow for living life which is what happened to a point. I held off doing things I wanted to to use as a reward for finishing my draft and stressed myself to make progress when I had available time. Sadly, that lead to stress and burnout. So this year, I want to make a point of doing some things that I really want to do. Like go to the zoo, bowling, Shen Yun will be in town and I've wanted to see that for years, etc. Besides the zoo and Shen Yun, I don't have many goals so far so this one will be a little more open and spontaneous. See what comes up during the year. Whatever the adventures are, I hope to share them on my socials or even hear.

And Beyond...

These are my main thoughts so far this year but there are more I want to do. One of which is writer's conferences. Already registered for one and there are two more I'd like to do but I have to see what I can actually commit myself to before making anything official.

And more plans... I'll keep you updated as things happen.

Thank you for joining me on these rambles. I hope your 2023 was a good year and are looking forward to 2024.

Do you have goals? Plans? Hopes? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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And Happy Year of the Dragon.


If you want to celebrate the Year of the Dragon, I have several flash fiction stories published with Havok Publishing placed in a Japanese-inspired fantasy world. Yes, Lunar New Year is more a Chinese celebration but if you'd like to check them out, you can find "Fire and Water", "Heart of a Kitsune", and "The Samurai and the Tanuki" at GoHavok and "Year of the Rabbit" in Havok's most recent anthology World Tour.

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