Fall Upate

Fall Upate

Happy October!

The trees are deep into their color change and covering the grass with their bright reds and yellows so I thought it was time to do another blog post. And, as you can see from the feature image, I'm enjoying the new stickers on my book.

I can't believe how much of this year is already gone (but I also know I saw that in most of my posts). And while I've kept busy, I've found most of my time has been spent working and writing. But, I've been enjoying this season of autumn. The summer's excessive heat and humidity has finally broken and their is a chill in the air (will probably have to turn on the heat soon).

I watched the geese fly overhead as they practiced flying in formation in preparation of heading South soon. Watching them made me think how in the last couple of places I've lived have been rural enough that a pond has been nearby where the parents have and raise their chicks so I get to watch them grow from small, yellow fluffs to looking to adult geese to preparing for their first flight South.

So far, this season has been making feel nostalgic and reminiscent. As I think over the last few months, I realize most of my time has been spent working and writing. While those aren't bad, I haven't done much else for a while. I had wanted to go to the zoo this year (still hoping to go) or some special event and more vender fairs. And I haven't yet this year.

Yet, while I haven't big things, I've done small, simple things. Like take my pup for a walk at a local park. Go to the book store. Maybe not something to splash all over social media but something nice to just be and have a special time. But, I still hope to make that special trip to the zoo and see the animals and maybe go to a fun event.

Even as the seasons change, there is still so much of the year left with so much to do. I have some writing things I'm still looking forward to and my favorite holiday is still to come.

What are you most looking forward to in the remainder of this year? Share in the comments.

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